Holiday Purchases

Giving back tastes soo good

Homeboy Bakery stands as one of our largest social good businesses at Homeboy Industries, serving up thousands of cookies, breads and cakes every year. Our bakery team is managed and staffed by the same amazing people who first came through our doors looking for a second chance. And now our nationwide operations reach thousands of homes across the country just like yours!

 Every purchase of a product today will provide funds to help ensure we continue to serve women, men and families in Los Angeles during this crucial time. Thank you for joining the movement. 


Delivered nationwide, our crowd-pleasing cakes, cookies and other treats are the ideal addition to any holiday tradition. Whether purchased as a gift or for your own home, our round-the-clock kitchen staff will make sure your delectable delights are guaranteed to please. Place your order today to ensure delivery in time for the holidays. And remember that every purchase impacts a life!