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Butter Cookie Assortment

Butter Cookie Assortment

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Enjoy a tray of assorted butter cookies topped with everything from rainbow sprinkles to fresh jam to decadent chocolate. Each assortment is made to order and hand packed in our bakery with love every day!
Ingredients: Butter cookie: flour, sugar, margarine, fat sweetex, whole milk, eggs, salt, walnuts, pecan, raspberry jam, chocolate icing.
Butter Almond Horns:  unsalted butter, nuts, eggs, sugar, flour, flour all purpose, sugar Raspberry thumbprint: flour, unsalted butter, sugar, eggs yolks, salt, vanilla extract, raspberry filling jam, powder sugar


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Care Instructions

All items are perishable and shipped to guarantee freshness. Please eat your items immediately upon receiving them. If you are saving your treats for a later day freeze them to preserve freshness. All items are made without preservatives.

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